Cities in King County WA - Auburn, Enumclaw

Enumclaw is South East of Renton WA.    It is a rural town.  There is lots of agricultural land -  You will find lots of cows, horses, farming. And it is nestled up against the cascade foothills.    It is the gateway to Mt Rainier where you will also find crystal mountain.

Fun things to do in Enumclaw are the  King county fair, golf at Enumclaw golf course, go shopping at the boutiques stores in town – cute little town, hike mount peak or swim at deep lake or  take a drive to Mount rainier/ crystal mountain.  

 Enumclaw can be accessed by 3 state highways 410, 164, and 169    Median home price in 2019 was  495,500  and 2019 appreciation 22.07%